*Vintage WALK-OVER SHELL CORDOVAN Cap-Toe Derby, Circa 1970: 44,5-45 Narrow (US 11-11.5 Narrow)


  • Walk-Over
    Standish Executive Series
    Shell Cordovan Cap-Toe (Derby)
    Circa 1970
    Euro 340

    The Walk-Over Company is one of the myriad American producers of the 20th century that did not survive the winnowing of the industry that resulted from the onslaught of off-shore imports beginning in the 1960’s. Judging from the present example, Walk-Over produced an excellent product under their Executive Series brand. This shoe is as well made as Florsheim, Hanover’s or Nettleton’s shell cordovans. Using the same horsehide supplied to the others shoemakers by the pre-eminent Horween tannery in Chicago, Walk-Over Smith produced a magnificent Goodyear welted example of this American classic.
    Cordovan shoes are a typically American tradition and Allen Edmonds and Alden, two American shoemakers, are the premiere contemporary producers of cordovan shoes. Others (Crockett and Church’s in England; Vass, Dinkellacker, Reiter in Germany and Hungary), responding to the popularity of this material, have begun to produce cordovans too, and some very good ones. Still, among the cognoscenti, American- made cordovans remain the most loved and most sought after, and the vintage-antique cordovans of this era are still unsurpassed.
    In short, you are considering the perfect all-season shoe, good for rain or shine, Town or Country, a beautiful and no-nonsense, no compromise, indestructible, Cap-Toe for the gentleman, and equally suitable for business or relaxed wear, and an absolute basic in the wardrobe.

    Size Details:

    marked US 11,5, however I find it equally suitable for a US 11....thus a European 44,5-45. This is a narrow fitting shoe, for the B or C width foot. If you have been filling your shoes with liners, inner soles, etc., to correct the fit, here is your chance to get the length you need and still have a correctly fitting, supportive shoe of the right width.

    Shoe Condition:

    A lightly worn and beautifully patinaed pair with original sole in good condition.

  • Size Details:

    44-44,5 B/C, für den SCHLANKEN Fuss.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, wunderbar patiniert, warme, dunkle Oxblood Farbe, mit nur trivialen Gebrauchsspuren an Orginal-Sohle und Absatz.

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