*Vintage U.S. Mil-Spec Flight Deck Boots: 44C/D (US 10.5)


  • Vintage U.S. Military Specification
    Non-Sparking – Oil Resistant
    Flight Deck/Armory/Magazine Shoes
    Dated Sept. 1979

    Euro 380

    Made to government contract standards, these uniform shoes were originally intended for use in hazardous environments where a nail in a normal shoe could spark against a metal floor and ignite combustible or explosive oil, gas or munitions’ residue. Also intended for better traction in gun batteries or shipboard or in electrical facilities where non-conductivity is essential. These shoes make for extremely secure civilian footwear in, hopefully, far less dangerous circumstances. The corrugated hand-sewn full rubber sole and the durable hard rubber heel are ideal for inclement weather while the robust build of the shoes can be counted upon as well off-road as upon pavement. Comfortable, durable, and deceptively rugged for so handsome a shoe. Fully gusseted and padded tongue provide added comfort and protection from wet.

    Size Details:

    US 10.5CD.....UK 9.5DE……Continental 44CD.

    Shoe Condition:

    Bottoms very lightly worn. Small blemishes to toes and elsewhere.


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