*Vintage TECNIC Officer’s VELDTSCHOEN Hob-Nail Derby, Circa 1980: US 9D (42D) (UK 8E)


  • Hob-Nail Parade Derby
    True Veldtschoen Construction
    Euro 380

    Double-sole Veldtchoen welted boots and shoes were made for the War Office under contract but were also sold commercially by Tecnic at the time. Few Veldtschoen constructed shoes are made today and certainly nothing as robust as the present pair. This particular pair, with hob-nails was almost certainly a guardsman’s parade footwear. If you ever wondered at the sound of marching, the hob-nails against concrete need no further explanation. One must advise against wearing them on your parquet or marble floors, to which they will do no good.

    VELDTSCHOEN CONSTRUCTION: In terms of construction, the present shoe is one of the most complex, robust and durable of all shoes. The Veldtschoen construction, while similar to the Norwegian construction in that both have the uppers turned out and sewn to the out-sole, has the addition of a full welt between the uppers and the out-sole, all of this intended to repel water. The Norwegian lacks a welt and is sewn directly to the outsole. Veldtschoen constructed shoes are usually further distinguished, as in this case, by a bellows tongue, another waterproofing measure.The construction of this shoe allows for the easy replacement of the sole but replacement is academic; you cannot wear out this sole. This shoe will serve you faithfully like few others and for decades to come. My old clients know what I mean when I say, “My highest personal recommendation on this shoe.”

    Si vous êtes intéressé par les plus grandes références dans le domaine de la chaussure de luxe pour homme de fabrication artisanale, par les noms des ateliers les plus traditionnels, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, Grenson, Alden, John Lobb, Allen Edmonds, Church’s English Shoes, et, en particulier, les exceptionnels – mais en France trop peu connu – bottiers américains, FLORSHEIM, FOOTJOY, HANOVER, CORDWAINER, etc.-n’hésitez pas à me consulte. Etant donné que mes textes figurant sont pour la plupart rédigés en anglais ou en allemand, je répondrais volontiers de manière plus détaillée à vos questions en français, en vous demandant de montrer de l’indulgence pour mon français approximatif.

    Size Details:

    Marked UK 8.....Suitable for a US 9D......a Continental 42D, medium width!

    Shoe Condition:

    Remarkably fine condition for a shoes approaching half a century old. Be prepared for a break in period. Both the double sole and the full thickness uppers need to be worn to become soft. Once broken in, however, these shoes are for your lifetime.

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