*Vintage STEBCO, Double Gusset, 3-Compartment, Top-Zip, Briefcase, Circa 1990


  • Vintage, Circa 1990
    STEBCO Ltd.
    3-Compartment Attaché – Briefcase
    Euro 340

    This high end 3-compartment, all-leather, Double Gusset, Top Zip, Briefcase is made from fine vegetable tanned box-calf leather. It has a spacious divided interior with ample room for files and folders, and an additional holder for pens, cards, phone, and so forth. The two outer compartments remain open for easy access. Drop down handles recess for unobstructed access while working with files. Moreover, unlike, hinged-box cases, vertical cases of this type require no table top to be put to use and are, therefor, ideal for traveling when, often, no horizontal surface is available.

    Condition: Showing almost no wear. Near new. Neuwertig..

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