*Vintage PEAL & CO. for Brooks Brothers, Cap-Toe Oxford: 40-40.5D (US 7-7.5D)


  • Cap-Toe, 5-Eyelet Oxford
    Peal & Company
    Brooks Brothers
    New York
    Euro 280

    Wir haben einen extrem gut gefertigten Schuh vor uns, mit Sicherheit einen unter den bestgefertigsten, britischen Schuhen den man finden kann, in einem geschmeidigen, klassischen Stil langer Tradition. Dieses besondere Modell kann mit jeder, ausser mit formalster Kleidung, getragen werden. Fügen Sie Ihrer Business-Garderobe etwas Flair hinzu, oder etwas Eleganz.

    Käufer zahlt EUR 6.90 Versandkosten als versichertes Paket. Verkauf ohne Schuh-Spanner

    Size Details:

    40-40.5D, für den mittel-breiten Fuss. (US 7.5D)..... (UK 6.5E)
  • Peal & Company
    Dress Cap-Toe Oxford
    Brooks Brothers
    New York
    Euro 280

    Brooks Brothers had marketed several different makers shoes under the “Brooks English” and Peal & Co. names from the 1950’s onward. The present pair is one of the earliar variation and made to the high standards of that time, what would be considered bespoke quality today.

    History of the firm: “Peal and Co were founded in 1565 and were the oldest-established and most successful makers in the world, employing up to 200 staff. The firm was established in Durham and moved to Derby in 1765, reaching London in 1791. In 1953 Peal bought their Oxford Street neighbours, Bartley and Son, inheriting their Boot and Fox emblem and moved to Wigmore Street in 1958. The business closed early in 1965, when the family decided that lack of family succession, a declining trade and shortage of skilled staff made closure their best option. The closure of Peal and Co was very helpful to the remaining shoemakers in London including Foster and Son, who acquired two important assets, the boot and fox emblem and Terry Moore.” The old Peal lasts are still said to be in use by Foster & Son who acquired them at the closure.
    Peal & Co. counted among their clients luminaries from both sides of the Atlantic, among them (a much shortened list);

    Selected list of customers:
    Fred Astaire
    Ethel Barrymore, John Barrymore
    Humphrey Bogart & Mrs H Bogart (Lauren Bacall)
    Sir Charles Chaplin
    Gary Cooper
    Mrs Walt Disney
    Sir Douglas Fairbanks
    Henry Fonda
    James Garner
    Cary Grant
    Rex Harrison
    Boris Karloff
    Steve McQueen
    John Mills
    David Niven
    Sir Laurence Olivier
    Mary Pickford
    Mrs Rudolph Valentino
    Guy de Rothschild
    Henry Ford II & Mrs H Ford
    Benny Goodman
    Dean Martin,
    Jehudi Menuhin
    Richard Avedon
    Lady Violet Bonham Carter nee Asquith, 40 Gloucester Sq.,
    Mrs Neville Chamberlain
    Rt Hon Sir Anthony Eden KG
    Dean G Acheson, US Secretary of State
    Barry Goldwater, Senator
    Edward L Kennedy
    John F Kennedy
    Mr Marx of Berlin c/o Dr W Smith, West Lodge, West End Lane, Hampstead
    Col. Elliott Roosevelt, son of FDR & Eleanor
    Theodore Roosevelt
    HM King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor
    Hon F Bowes-Lyon, brother of the Queen Mother
    F J Bowes-Lyon, Grenadier Guards
    Lady Rosemary Spencer Churchill
    Lord Louis Mountbatten
    Duke of Westminster
    Prince Aga Khan
    Princess Eugene of Belgium
    King of the Hellenes (Greece)
    Crown Princess of Greece
    Prince Nicholas of Greece
    Prince Peter of Greece
    Crown Prince Constantine of Greece
    Crown Princess of Japan
    King & Crown Prince of Norway
    Prince Christian of Schleswig Holstein
    Crown Prince of Sweden
    Queen Marie of Yugoslavia

    Si vous êtes intéressé par les plus grandes références dans le domaine de la chaussure de luxe pour homme de fabrication artisanale, par les noms des ateliers les plus traditionnels, Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, Alden, Grenson, John Lobb, Allen Edmonds, Church’s English Shoes, et, en particulier, les exceptionnels – mais en France trop peu connu – bottiers américains FLORSHEIM, FOOTJOY et HANOVER, n’hésitez pas à me consulte. Etant donné que mes textes figurant sont pour la plupart rédigés en anglais ou en allemand, je répondrais volontiers de manière plus détaillée à vos questions en français, en vous demandant de montrer de l’indulgence pour mon français approximate.

    Size Details:

    7.5D US.......6.5E UK..........European 40-40.5D, for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent. Lightly worn original sole and new rubber heels.

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