+Vintage Officer’s Peccary Leather Grooming Kit (Dopp Kit)


  • Vintage Officer’s Peccary Leather Grooming Kit (Dopp Kit)
    Euro 380

    The Dopp Kit acquired its name from a German leather-goods maker named Charles Doppelt, an immigrant to the United States. He invented his toiletry case, with the help of his nephew, in, it is believed, 1919

    This example, dating from the mid-century contains Hair Brushes (2), Comb, Nail Files, Soap Container, Tooth Brush Container, After Shave Lotion Bottle and unbreakable mirror. The two brushes (when one would do for most chaps) suggest use by a gentleman with a military hair cut. For the rest of us, think of one for hair and the other for clothes; very practical for travel. Why not carry your necessities in something with a little history and character. Oh!, and that after shave bottle; nothing says it cannot contain emergency whiskey rations!

    Shoe Condition:

    Entirely original and in tact. Leather pliable as new, inside and out.  Very few examples of this article have survived this long, and fewer still, complete and undamaged.

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