*Vintage – NEW & LINGWOOD, Basket Weave Oxford Spectator (Correspondent Shoe): 42-42.5D (US 9-9.5D)


  • New & Lingwood
    53 Jermyn Street, St. James’s SW 1
    Basket Weave 6-Eyelet Oxford Spectator – Correspondent Shoe
    Euro 640

    While the Correspondent Shoe is well represented in England, this  original pre-war antique is the only example of a basket weave Spectator that I have seen coming from an English shoemaker. One can almost believe that it is an import from America, rebranded by New & Lingwood for the English trade. Whatever its provenance, it is an exceptional beautiful object, perhaps one-of-a-kind  and a prize for any collection. The Modified Spade Sole has a skived/channeled welt (as with bespoke shoes).



    Size Details:

    42-42.5D.......8.5D UK......9-9.5D US, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Entirely original, heels, soles, even laces...and lightly worn.

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