*Vintage – Like new – SENDRA, Horsehide, Wellington Style Boot: 44-44.5D (US 10.5-11D)


    Since 1913
    A Rare and Unusual

    Wellington Style Western Boot
    Euro 420

    The Wellington boot dates from the early 19th century and is based upon the 18th century Hessian boots.  It was popularized by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington who instructed his shoemaker, Hoby of St. James’ Street, London, to modify the 18th century Hessian boot by removing the trim, cutting it more closely to the leg and ending it at mid-calf.  With a semi-pointed toe and low stacked heel, it was an ideal cavalry boot, durable and protective in battle and yet comfortable out of the saddle. The Wellington boot quickly became a standard officers boot for both uniform and evening dress, and soon became fashionable among the British aristocracy as well.

    This excellent horse-hide boot cannot fairly be sold as “shell cordovan” because, in fact, it does not employ closest-grained part of the hide, the so called “shell”, the rump of the horse. Nevertheless, it is clear that after that relatively small area of high value leather is reserved for the complex tanning of “shell cordovan”, the rest of the horse is by no means thrown away.  After the French, who have dedicated butcher shops selling horse meat (oucheries chevalines), the Japanese and the 6 other countries that consume the most horse meat have made short work of the more than 4 million animals slaughtered each year, the remainder of the hides are tanned, albeit differently from shell cordovan, and used in making a great variety of products from furniture to clothing, including boots and shoes. Unlike shell cordovan which after tanning, processing and glazing, is presented inside out, horse’s hides from the rest of the animal are presented skin side out. With these boots, you are looking at the outside of the animal; with your shell cordovan shoes, the inner side of the animal’s skin. Inside or outside, horsehide has the advantage over almost all other leathers of being particularly robust, resistant to scuffing or damage and incredibly long lasting, quite desirable in a shoe but indispensible in a boot, protective leather jacket or trousers, and any hard wearing use.

    Because of the scruples in some countries, notably the US, where horses are mostly considered sporting animals or pets, apart from shell cordovan with its specific market, manufacturers avoid specifying the type of leather in use, instead resorting to such tags as “real leather” or “Frisco leather”.

    This boot should not to be confused with Sendra’s current deluge of boots and shoes made for sale on the internet. This is their original, sold exclusively in their Las Ramblas flagship store. With its robust horsehide, Goodyear welted double sole, and non-slip rubber-over-leather heel, this boot can be expected to serve in the most rigorous environments but qualifies as a perfectly handsome boot for town as well. Stylistically it’s harken to its origins, the Wellington boot but, in reddish brown with a distinct Western flair. Indeed it shows effectively demonstrates the debt owed by the Western boot to its ancestor, the Wellington.

    To my eye, this boot is simplicity itself, quiet elegance, relaxed but displaying absolutely solidity. Beautifully glove leather lined for comfort too.

    Size Details:

    US 10.5-11D…..UK 10….EU 44-44.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Condition; like new, “neuwertig”, perhaps worn once or twice to try on.

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