*Vintage INDIAN ELEPHANT Wallet-Billfold, Circa 1960


  • Vintage
    Indian Elephant
    Wallet- Billfold
    Circa 1960
    Euro 440

    This Indian elephant hide wallet had both large and small compartments for folding money, a zippered change area and two glassine-protected ID diplay fold-outs, all that you need in one wallet. This can be folded for a pants pocket or opens quite flat, to be worn in an inside jacket pocket. The inside fold-out has a charming miniture design of two elephants against a typical Indian motif.

    Whether your interest be to put this treasure to daily use, a use for which it is eminently suitable, or merely to admire it among your collection of exotic leathers, this is an antique of considerable beauty and one not available for many decades.

    Condition: showing no wear. Leather soft and supple. Snap and zipper working smoothly as new. Overall in superb, one could imagine new condition.(The darker of the photographs is the most accurate as to color; a dark brown.)

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