*Vintage GEORGE WEBB PRODUCTION Fleece-Lined, All-Weather Boots: 41.5D


Reserved for Mr. R. G., Esq. Lexington
  • George Webb Production
    Zug Leather, All-Weather, Fleece-lined
    Uskide Rubber Soles & Heels
    Ankle Boots
    Circa 1975
    Euro 380

    There was a time when this kind of heavily made shoe and boot was often seen in provincial English farming towns and at the county shows heavily attended by the local landed gentry, the sort of folks in Barbours and green Wellies before they came into general awareness. Usually of the heavy duty leather soled Veldtschoen style construction or, like the present example, with full rubber soles and heels, these boots employed a remarkably rugged, abrasion-proof Zug grain leather, more hardy than any modern country calf or pebble grain. One can see the extraordinary durability of this leather in the present ankle boot which shown not a single mark to the tops after at least 40 years of use! Moreover this leather is highly water resistant and more so for being fitted with a Split reverse welt (storm welt). Between double thick rubber sole and fleece lining, this boot promises to keep you as warm as sit does dry.

    Size Details:

    UK 7.5E…..US 8.5D……Continental 8.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Bottoms lightly worn, heels near new, tops very near new. Two of several possible lacing styles shown.


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