Vintage FRANK BROTHERS Spade Sole, Cap-Toe Oxford, Circa 1940: 40.5D-41C (US 7.5-8C)


  • Frank Brothers
    488 Fifth Avenue, New York City
    “Since 1865”
    Norton Ditto & Co.
    Since 1908, Houston, Texas
    Spade Sole, 6-Eyelet Cap-Toe Oxford
    Circa 1940
    Euro 440

    Frank Brothers, exclusive haberdashers and designers of footwear for both men and women, was established in 1865. Their shoes were sold at their own Frank Brothers shoe shops, their main store at 488 Fifth Avenue in New York, and a handful of ultra-high end men’s clothing stores such as Norton Ditto in Huston (still in operation after more than 100 years).

    This particular shoe is a fine example of their earlier, traditional last, the spade sole of the pre-war era. The hand-written serial numbers strongly suggest a special make-up for Ditto’s shop. Whether a special order shoe or not, this is a classically lasted shoe, an elegant, elongated model to flatter the foot, finely finished and in a lovely, soft leather. The single line of brogueing at the border of the cap lends a touch of disreet decoration to an otherwise wonderfully sleek and formal model.

    Size Details:

    By my measurements: US 7.5D-8C.......Continental 40.5D-41C.

    Shoe Condition:

    Original soles very lightly worn, heels showing first slight wear....otherwise fine. Sold without trees.

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