*Vintage FLORSHEIM Royal IMPERIAL Brogued Monk Strap: 43-43.5D


Réservé pour Monsieur R. S., Paris
  • Florsheim Imperial
    Wing-Tip Brogued Monk Strap
    Euro 240

    This is an excellent vintage shoe in made by America’s premiere shoemaker of the 20th century. A true rarity in this condition.

    Monk Strap Shoes are very much in the English taste, an aristocrat’s shoe from the old school, but have penetrated the consciousness of Continentals and North Americans alike over the years. I myself have long been a great fan of the Monk Strap and have a pair for myself in more or less every configuration, including calfskins, cordovan and the not-to-be-neglected Suede Monk. Most Monks are plain fronted, affording an elegant, steam-lined look suitable for all but the most formal dress, and punctuated with the insouciance of a discreet buckle, they proclaim the independence of the gentleman from conservative convention while observing the proven dictates of tradition. This pair is all the more the exceptional for the fully brogued wing tip.

    Size Details:

    10D US.......9E UK.............European 43-43.5D

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn.

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