Vintage FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Shell Cordovan Derby, 1980: 40-40.5C/D


  • Florsheim Imperial
    Shell Cordovan
    Plain Front Derby, Circa 1980
    Euro 240

    “The finest and most durable shoe ever made in America.”

    The best pieces of Horween Shell are reserved for what is, practically speaking, a “wholecut” shoe, that is to say, a shoe who’s upper is made from one piece of leather. Unlike the Full Brogue made from several smaller pieces of leather, imperfections cannot be tolerated or worked around in the plain front shoe. Indeed, the piece of leather chosen for this shoe presents a warmth and depth of colour that only time can achieve. In brief, in this day and age, this shoe is a great rarity, especially in this smaller size. by Florsheim, the greatest American shoemaker of the 20th century, the premiere purveyor of Shell Cordovan shoes in history, and the grandfather of all modern cordovan shoes, the most sought after shoe in the world.
    Florsheim’s build quality is legendary. The 360 degree “split reverse welt” (the so-called “storm welt”- last photo) over an indestructible double sole, wonderfully comfortable, this is a shoe irreproducible today, certainly not at this price!

    Postage: Euro 6,90; France & the EU Euro 14,20; Japan and the Far East Euro 28,10…US $12, Priority Mail Insured. Sold without trees.

    Size Details:

    US 7.5C/D .......6.6D/E UK.....Continental 40-40.5C/D, for the slightly narrower to medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    The soles and heels have been replace and little worn since.

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