*Vintage FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL (Reddish Brown) Full Brogue Derby Budapester: 43-43.5D


Réservé pour Monsieur R. S., Paris
  • Florsheim Imperial
    Full Brogue Derby
    Euro 320
    The finest and most durable shoe ever made in America.

    My old clients have grown weary of hearing me extol the virtues of the vintage Florsheim Imperial Budapesters. Not that they disagree that Florsheim made a shoe that will not soon be equaled in the world, certainly not among the ready-mades. The attention to detail in the Imperials is most impressive. This particular pair is exceptional, as it is almost new; an extreme rarity for a shoe not made for over 30 years. This is exactly the type of shoe leather that will develop an extraordinarily beautiful patina over the years. Florsheim’s Pebble Grain Calfskin takes to polish exceptionally well and, over time, takes on a warm glow. A shoe of this build quality, with 5-rivit double sole, is a gift from the gods for a big or a heavy man or any man who is hard on shoes. You will be wearing this pair long after you have walked out of several other pairs of less substantial shoes. Compare the Imperial Full Brogue Budapesters to a pair of Church’s, Crockett & Jones, or Alden’s Brogues at 500-600 Euros, all of which I myself sell, and you will see what a bargain this superior Florsheim Imperial is. Read what my other clients have said about this shoe; they rave, and rightly so. Have a pair for yourself; you will not be disappointed. The perfect all-season shoe, for rain or shine, Town or Country, a beautiful and no-nonsense Full Brogue for the gentleman.


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