• Florsheim Imperial
    Custom Order Black Shell Cordovan
    Full Brogue Budapester
    Circa 1970
    Euro 320
    “The finest and most durable shoe ever made in America.”

    If you are one of my old clients you most likely have at least one if not more pairs of Florsheim Imperials, Plain Front or Full Brogue Budapesters, in Scotch Grain or Crodovan. Here is one of the last available in Black Shell Cordovan in this size, the last word in such a shoe, the finest ever made in America or anywhere, the grandfather of all modern cordovan shoes and the most sought after shoe in the world.

    Tanned by the world’s best cordovan tannery, Horween of Chicago, the cordovan leather chosen for this custom order masterpiece is from a flawless, even textured, close-grained hide of unsurpassed and unsurpassable quality. . Moreover, a shoe of this build quality, with double sole, is a gift from the gods for a big or a heavy man or any man who is hard on shoes. You will be wearing this pair long after you have walked out of several other pairs of less substantial pairs.. Look closely at the massive oak-tanned channeled double sole and the additional “split reverse welt” (the so-called “storm welt”). The attention to detail in the Imperials is most impressive. Compare this or any Florsheim Imperials to a pair of Church’s, Crockett & Jones, or Alden’s Brogues (all of which I myself sell) and you will see what a bargain this superior Florsheim Imperial is. Read what my other clients have said about this shoe; they rave, and rightly so.

    Cordovan shoes are a typically American tradition and Allen Edmonds and Alden, two American shoemakers, are the premiere contemporary producers of cordovan shoes. Others (Crockett and Church’s in England; Vass, Dinkellacker, Reiter in Germany and Hungary), responding to the popularity of this material, have begun to produce cordovans too, and some very good ones. Still, among the cognoscenti, Florsheim, with its ironclad Imperials (while a few are still to be found on the after-market) remains the most loved “vintage” producer of Cordovans and their Full Brogues like this one remain unsurpassed.

    Size Details:

    MISMATCHED Left Shoe US 13C..... (12D UK)..... (Continental 47C), for the slightly narrower foot. Right Shoe US 13D....(12E UK)......(Continental 47D), for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    These are in superb, lightly worn condition. Notice that the heels have been fitted with a non-slip rubber inset to complement the original double row of hand-set nails, a perfect mating of the practical and the durable.

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