*Vintage Edwardian Style EVAN & STANDARD Gentleman’s Brocade Slipper, 1950s: US 9D (42D)


  • Evan & Standard
    Edwardian Style
    Paisley Brocade & Patent Leather
    Evening Slipper
    Circa 1950
    Euro 280

    Spending a lot of time at home lately? I wonder why! Why not spend it in style? This classic is the perfect complement to your velvet or brocade smoking jacket (or, for that matter, your plaid pajamas). There is no reason not to be properly shod, even at home. The style of this slipper derives from the Edwardian era and earlier. Imagine Oscar Wilde entertaining friends or at his writing desk in his library. It is easy to imagine him in such a slipper. He was reputed to have remarked, “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

    With its full-leather lining for dureability and its rubber heel for comfort, these are indeed the last word in elegance, just as the poet says, “the best”.

    Size Details:

    UK 8E........US 9D......Continental 42D, for the mid-width foot. Sold without trees.

    Shoe Condition:

    Very lightly worn, with a few trivial blemishes, otherwise superb.

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