*Vintage EDWARD GREEN for W.S.Foster & Sons Ltd., Monk Strap: US 11D (44.5D).


  • Vintage
    Edward Green
    W. S. Foster & Son, Ltd.
    83 Jermyn Street, London SW1, www.wsfoster.co.uk
    Classic Monk Strap
    Euro 480

    A privately owned company in continuous tradition for 172 years, Foster & Son is one of the oldest-established custom shoe and bootmakers in the world. With its sister company Henry Maxwell it trades today at 83 Jermyn Street opposite Fortnums. They supply boots, shoes and a wide range of riding and hunting accessories from shops in both London and Paris.

    Even those gentlemen prepared to pay £1,870 for shoes or £3600 for boots may not be willing to go barefoot for the 8 months Foster require for delivery. Ref:http://foster.co.uk/our-products/bespoke-services/ Those clients were accommodated uncompromisingly by Foster’s then ready-to-wear line exemplified by this especially lovely classic pair of Monk Straps made for them by Edward Green in the 1990s. To see the current model (not a Edward Green product but similar), go to: http://foster.co.uk/our-products/ready-to-wear/casual-shoes/chichester/

    Size Details:

    10.5E UK..... (11D US)..... (44.5D Continental), for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Bottoms recently restored with “Vitanin” (replaceable) rubber sole and McAfee style dovetail combination heel. Tops still quite good as shown in pictures. Two camera settings used to show details. Sold without trees.

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