*Vintage Custom-Made Unknown Master NILE CROCODILE Loafer 42D


  • Bespoke – Vintage
    Nile Crocodile Loafer
    Unknown Master
    Circa 1970
    Euro 850

    Unique among the many alligator shoes shown in my collection is this true vintage Crocodile Loafer, a masterpiece hand-made, as evidenced by the recognizable pattern of the vamp, from the ultra-rare Nile Crocodile. (Alligators are farmed, crocodiles are only found in nature.)

    The identity of the maker is lost to history nor would the now obscured inside lable, no doubt merely the name of the retailer, have given us more information. But about the quality of the materials and of the workmanship there is no doubt; the skins are artfully arranged and perfectly symmetrical between the two shoes. The sole is formed over a solid shank, as more usually seen in bootmaking, and provides for long-lasting stability of the overall structure as well as more arch support than can be expected in most loafers. In short, this is a particularly well made shoe in a material that is beyond rare and, to my eye, equally beautiful. A wearable collector’s item in a material, for reasons of conservation, no longer available or in use today.

    Size Details:

    Being custom-made, there are no size markings in this shoe but with the use of shoemaker's lasts of know size I determine them to be precisely a 9D US.....8E UK....Continental 42D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    near new, neuwertig, showing no actual wear, consistent with one or two wearings to try on only.

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