Vintage, Circa 1940, Spade Sole MASSAGIC “Ventilated” Spectators: 41.5D


SOLD to Mr. R. L. G., Lexington, Ky.
  • Vintage Pre-war, Spade Sole
    “Ventilated” Mesh 6-Eyelet Spectator
    Circa 1935-40
    Euro 540
    “More Two-Tone Oxfords were sold this season than ever before“, announces the advertisement for a dapper pair of Spectators in the Sears Roebuck & Co. catalogue from the year 1928/29.

    “King or Commoner’, der Spectator ist der Schönwetter-Schuh des Gentleman.”

    To the best of my knowledge the Ventilated Mesh Spectator, an exclusively American invention, appears to have been made in America by two firms only, Jarman or Roblee, and sold under different manufacturers and retailers names, and were brought to market under the labels of myriad shoe stores small and large, coast to coast. Production of this type of Spectator began in the 1930s and came to an end in the 1960s.

    This shoes appears to be no exception, although the dramatic spade sole suggests an earlier manufacture, most likely in the 1930. Notice that the mesh itself is “two-tone”; all in all, a very handsome example of this traditional spectator and one that shows beautifully under the right trousers -indeed, it is the only shoe for a certain wardrobe- while never crossing the line into ostentation.

    Size Details:

    While no size is indicated in this shoe, my careful measurements confirm that it is a generous 41,5D (not quite a 42 but approaching)....thus US 8.5D-plus, .......UK 7,5E-plus, for the medium foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, flawless. This is a very beautiful shoes and in first class condition. It appears to have been worn once; see the close-up photo of the heel that shows the first slight rubbing and no more. As fine an example of this model as any today and worlds better than most.

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