*Vintage CHURCH’S RANCH OXHIDE Wholecut Oxford: 43-43.5D (US 10D)


  • Church’s English Shoes
    Ranch Oxhide-Ochenleder
    Wholecut Oxford
    Circa 1950
    Euro 440

    Apart form the rarity and beauty of the material used in making this extraordinary collector’s item, it boasts a build quality and finish far superior to most contemporary ready-made shoe. The material, Ranch Oxhide, is very Church’s! They were and remain fond of unusual leathers for their very best models and this is no exception, an extremely robust shoe, both elegant and sportive, suitable for Town or Country, beautiful no-nonsense, no compromise footwear for the gentleman. And, to be sure, a collector’s item of the first order.

    It should be mentioned that this vintage shoe precedes the “Custom Grade” specification of later years, but be sure that it is this shoe and others from the mid-century that set the standard for the “Custom Grade” to follow.  With 360 degree split reverse welt (storm welt).  Hand raised “fiddle” vamp.

    Size Details:

    US 10D (UK 9E) (European 43-43.5D), for the medium width foot. .

    Shoe Condition:

    Shows light wear to original soles. Relatively new non-slip rubber heels fitted. Heel counters relined inside. Sold without trees but new, fitted, 2-Way, Cedar trees available upon request.

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