Vintage British Army George Boot & Spurs by LONG BUCKBY, Circa 1953: 43-43,5E


SOLD to K. M. San, Tokyo.
  • British Army Officer’s
    George Boot & Spurs
    Long Buckby Shoes
    Circa 1953
    Euro 280

    The firm of Long Buckby shoes was a supplier of boots and shoes to the military into the 1950s. A pair of their Hob-Nail Boots from 1942 associated with service in the Royal Artillery is on display in the Imperial War Museums to this day. This venerable firm produced high quality boots and shoes on government contract during WWII and for years thereafter. This boot is made to military specification and is one of the first authentic British Army George Boots introduced in 1952 to replace the Wellington Boot. It is traditionally worn as a formal mess, dress and parade boot. This original military spurred model -notice the fixture in the heel for attaching spurs- with higher-set eyelets and rearward set quarters should not be confused with the less robust civilian models of George Boots produced today or the similar but lower cut laced or buckled Chukka boots.
    The overall effect of the George Boot’s cut and lacing, the uninterrupted sweep of the vamp, the disappearance of the lacing under trousers, is one of sleekness and elegance and as highly recommended for business wear (preferably without spurs) as it is for jeans. Spurs to fit are included.

    Size Details:

    UK9D..... US 10C..... Continental 43-43,5C, for the somewnhat narrower foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Poor but serviceable Original sole and period heel moderately worn but checking to instep and significant signs of age overall. Sold without shoe trees.

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