*Vintage BOSTONIAN Shell Cordovan Plain Front Derby (Blucher): 42 WIDE


SOLD to Herrn D. K., Hannover.
  • Shell Cordovan-Pferdeleder
    5-Eyelet Plain Front Derby (Blucher)
    des herausragenden amerikanischen Traditionshauses
    Bostonian, circa 1985-1990
    Euro 360

    Diese Paar wurde, circa 1985-1990, von dem grossen amerikanischen Schuhmacher “Bostonian” hergestellt. Die Leisten des Schuhes sind kompromisslos und absolut und sofort an Ihrem hohen massangefertigten Standard erkennbar. Von den 200 amerikanischen Schuhmachern, die es zu Beginn des vergangenen Jahrhunderts in Neu England gab, ist leider nur eine Handvoll übriggeblieben: Bostonian, Cole-Haan, Allen Edmonds, Alden, und J&M gehören zu den wenigen, die diese Schuhe nur noch herstellen.

    Käufer zahlt EUR 6,20 Versandkosten als versichertes Paket. Verkauf ohne Schuhspanner.

    Size Details:

    Eine Standard-deutsche 42 BREIT (eine amerikanische 9EEE......UK 8G/H, für den BREITEN Fuss.

    Shoe Condition:

    Original Sohle und Absatz leicht getragen.

  • Shell Cordovan
    5-Eyelet Plain Front Derby (Blucher)
    Bostonian, circa 1980-1990
    Euro 360

    Out of the over 200 American Shoemakers clustered around New England at the start of the 20 Century, only a handful remain, among them Bostonian, Cole-Haan, J &M and, here in Europe, the better know Alden and Allen-Edmonds. The great Florsheim and Bostonian exist today as marketing firms, the bulk of their wares being produced off-shore. Lamentable.
    The Bostonian Full Brogue Oxford in this listing, dating from the late-1980s appears to have been among the last of the production that sprang from the American workrooms of this once great shoemaker. This is a handsome classic model in the old Goodyear welted tradition of workmanship, comparable to Florsheim or Hanover of yesteryear or the contemporary Allen Edmonds, if not better made than the latter. With double sole and additional 360 degree Storm Welt (Split Reverse Welt), a robust construction seldom seen today. Wonderful mottled patina as seen in photos; the incomparable beauty of old cordovan.

    Size Details:

    US 9EEE.......,UK 8 EXTRA WIDE.......Continental 42 WIDE. If you have been compromising with oversized shoes to get the width you need, this is the proper solution; correct length and width in one shoe.

    Shoe Condition:

    Original soles and heels lightly worn.

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