*Vintage BOND STREET LTD., 3-Compartment, Single Gusset Top-Zip, Attaché Case, Circa 1970


  • Vintage, Circa 1970
    Bond Street Ltd.
    3-Compartment Attaché – Briefcase
    Euro 280

    This high end 3-compartment, all-leather, Single Gusset, Top Zip, Briefcase is hand made in the USA from fine vegetable tanned box-calf leather. It has a spacious interior with ample room for files and folders, and an additional zippered interior pocket to hold to hold valuables, phone, wallet, and accessories. The large gusseted center with a zipper, while the two outer compartments remain open for easy access. Drop down handles recess for unobstructed access while working with files. Moreover, unlike, hinged-box cases, vertical cases of this type require no table top to be put to use and are, therefor, ideal for traveling when, often, no horizontal surface is available.

    Condition: Showing almost no wear. Near new. Neuwertig..

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