Vintage Bespoke HENRY MAXWELL Embroidered “Albert” Slippers: 41.5D-42C


SOLD to Mevrouw E. v. d. B., Delfzjl, Holland
  • Henry Maxwell
    11 Savile Row
    London W. 1
    Black Velvet-Velour Albert Slipper
    Gold Fox Head Embroidered
    Euro 320

    How very similar these are at first glance to Brooks Brothers/Peal & Co. Fox Head Slippers. On closer inspection of the formed and sculpted sole however, one realizes that these are superior custom made shoes. Henry Maxwell, of course, is one of England preeminent shoemakers. Founded in 1750 they are, indeed, the oldest remaining bootmakers in London. Originally a famous spur-maker Maxwell thrived on the ubiquitous use of the horse for battle, ceremony, hunting, sport and personal transport, and soon supplied boots for cavalry regiments, hunting, polo etc. By the mid 19th century Maxwell was awarded the first of its many Royal Warrants by King George IV., and by the early 20th century Maxwell had grown to supply boots, shoes and a wide range of riding and hunting accessories from shops in London and Paris. With its sister company Foster & Sons it trades today at 83 Jermyn Street opposite Fortnums.
    Maxwell can invest as much as 100 hours in a pair of boot or shoes. They take measurements in their shop or by arrangement at your home or office in London. The cost; £1,870 for shoes, £3600 and £250 for the specially made wooden trees. Ref: Delivery in about 8 months.

    This lovely classic pair of Albert Slippers is labeled with the old Savile Row location, thus it pre-dates the move to Jermyn Street in 1985; a 30-plus year old shoe looking almost new! With its full-leather heel -ideal for dancing- these are the last word in elegance with your smoking, at home or out on the town, but, of course, can be worn with a wide variety of dress, formal or relaxed, all the way up to black tie and down to jeans. (Great with jeans!)

    Size Details:

    Custom made but by my precise measurements: US 8.5D-9C…….UK 7.5E-8D……Continental 41.5D-42C.

    Shoe Condition:

    These are, as can be seen in the photos, like new.

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