*Vintage American Jobber SHELL CORDOVAN Full Brogue OXFORD: US 9.5C (42.5C)


  • Vintage American Jobber
    Oxblood Shell Cordovan Full Brogue Oxford
    Euro 280

    This particular Shell Cordovan Oxford, most likely from the 1970s, is of special interest for utilizing the best grade of shell cordovan possible. This is the less common oxford model, a marvelous classic in the old tradition of workmanship, a handsome and extremely durable shoe made by a first class American Jobber for rebranding by a contemporary retailer.

    Size Details:

    US 9.5C…..UK 8.5D…..European 42.5C, for the somewhat narrower foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent! Recently fully renewed with "Topy" half-soles and full-rubber non-slip heels....and not worn since.

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