*Vintage-All Leather 3-Bottle WINE CARRIER with Accoutrements


VENDU a un gentlhomme de Paris
  • All Leather
    3-Bottle WINE CARRIER
    Euro 1200 Euro 820

    Arrive in great style to the party with this infinitely elegant leather case, containing -to everyone’s surprise- three bottles of wine. With its handle on top, the bottles are carried upright and can be removed still upright without disturbing any sediment and be ready to decanted.

    Ideal too for a pick-nick, as the full complement of accoutrements are present and handy.

    Invited for a long week-end? Guarantee future invitations by presenting the wine and the case to the lady of the house. Comme elle sera ravie!  Of course this is the perfect gift for any occasion.

    Personally, traveling by car or train, I would carry the three ingrediants for a Negroni; one must be practical too.

    Condition: Like new. A beautifully made case, padded leather exterior, brass closure, with suede lined interior, straps to fix bottles in place and holders for the various tools (all included, of course).

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