*Vintage 1930s COLE-HAAN Spade Sole Spectator: US 9D (42E)


SOLD to Mr. J. H. N. Yorkshire
  • Vintage Fiddle Vamp, Spade Sole, Calf/Suede, Spectator
    Circa 1930
    Euro 520

    This handsome traditional Spectator dates from the heyday of the Spectator style and, coincidentally, the heyday of the shoemaker maker too. There is little in the appearance of Cole-Haan today to suggest that they were once a shoemaker of considerable importance in America. Only a few examples of finely made shoes like the current pair survive to bear testimony to the noteworthy history of this firm. But this is such pair, made on a dramatic traditional last that both flatters the foot and is supremely comfortable.
    Notice the charming contrast between cream coloured suede vamp and medium brown caps…a most pleasing juxtaposition in an authentic period spectator.

    Size Details:

    9E US…..8F UK….42E Continental, for the medium to somewhat wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent. Some to-be-expected wear to linings and to skiving, otherwise nearly new. Very slight wear to bottoms, and tops are quite fresh.

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