*Very Fine – Mid-Century Jobber SPADE SOLE Alligator Loafer: US 11E (44.5E)


  • Mid-Century, Jobber
    Spade Sole Alligator Loafer
    Circa 1960
    Euro 720

    This is a remarkably well made Italian Spade sole Alligator Loafer, and, in spite of my admitted prejudice against the deluge of Blake and Rapid Stitched alligators that come out of Italy today (at laughably high prices), this shoe -Goodyear welted- is as well made as any fine vintage shoes by Florsheim, Nettleton or the other great American shoemakers of the last century. Indeed everything points to these shoes having been jobber made for the American market, in direct competition with the American brands. The styling – the laid, pinked (zig-zag edge) and brogued vamp- so closely resembles Florsheim’s signature Alligator loafer of the mid-century as to be indistinguishable. This is true too of the construction; the molded instep. Only the spade sole, more akin to the pre-war American lasts (Leiste) sets this excellent shoe apart. All in all, this is among the very best to come out of Italy and if one could find as well made a shoe in today’s market, no east task, it be expected to cost many thousands. In short, this superb shoes has my highest personal recommendation.

    Size Details:

    US 11.5E……UK10.5F.….Continental 44.5E, for the medium to somewhat wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Tops: like new, leather soft and pliable and flawless. Bottoms: showing first trivial rubbing consistent with having been worn two or three time only, Near new. NEUWERTIG! Sold without trees.

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