*Very Fine -CHURCH’S “Custom Grade” Desert Field Boot, “Commando” Sole: 42D/E (US 9D/E) (UK 8F)


RESERVED for Sig. J. A. M., Vigo
  • Church’s English Shoes
    “Custom Grade”
    Suede All-Weather, All-Terrain Desert Field Boot
    Euro 380

    Similar to the Chukka Boot (often called the ‘Desert Boot’ because of having been much adopted -in suede- by both British and German forces in North Africa), this boot, fully laced, is designed for all-terrain and all-weather. Suede, contrary to common perception, is suitable in the most inclement weather. Mud and salt can be rinsed away and, once dried and given a quick brushing, suede boots and shoes are ready to serve again unblemished.

    The high standard of workmanship in Church’s example of this boot includes an original Goodyear welted sole to which a new high-profile “Commando” style sole and heel have been added. The result is a massive all-weather, all terrain boot, reliable and durable off-road and just as comfortable and handsome in town.

    NOTE: In 1999, Prada bought Church’s and, more recently, announced a price hike, across the entire line, of 40%.  This is not a typographical error; yes, 40%.!  This does not represent an adjustment for inflation. This is a complete repositioning of the brand in another price bracket, into the bracket at which Prada is most at home.  As an example of the price increase, a standard oxford that once cost £495, now costs £720. In the US, some models top $1200..….and you had best be careful you are buying an English-made, Custom Grade shoe.  In short, a word to the wise, the time to acquire our beloved real Church’s in now….and here at the old prices.

    Size Details:

    Marked UK 8F......thus US 9D/E.....Continental 42 D/E.

    Shoe Condition:

    Bottoms new, never worn. Tops excellent, showing trivial signs of wear. Sold without trees.

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