*Very fine – BERLUTI Square Toe, All Weather, Wholecut: 44.5D (US 11D)


    Square Toe, 3-Eyelet Rubber Soled Wholecut
    Euro 640

    I must say at the outset that I am not in agreement with Madam Olga as to how to polish shoes -you can read my recommendations elsewhere in this website- but you see her video on the subject, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EqCEyFX4vMharm
    Far beyond the demonstration of her technique, her commentary, for its unmitigated charm and theatricality cannot fail to delight. For instance, you will, no doubt, be surprised to learn that your shoes are living breathing creatures. Indeed, Madam Olga finds and displays something transcendent in this simple act of polishing shoes. One can see why the Berluti firm’s stock in trade is shot through with the dramatic; shoe leather is merely the medium. The product is theater. Whether it be form or surface -Berluti’s famous instant patina- Berluti can be counted on to draw attention, fortunately or unfortunately, according to your thinking. But the Lady herself is flawless. She has made art out of craft. She has made the quotidian sing and she is herself a work of art. The rest is mere business and for that we must all be forgiven.

    The present pair, a Square Toed Wholecut, with its proprietary rubber sole, is as dressy a sport shoe as you will ever find, and just waiting for the Madam Olga ecstatic treatment. Being of the opposite school, I would never presume to apply it myself, rather I leave it to the new owner.

    Berluti prices range from $1700 to 2200 for prêt-a-porter. Here at less than half price!

    Size Details:

    US11D…..UK10E……Continental 44.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Very fine. Very lightly worn.


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