+Very Fine – 20th Century Italian Jobber ALLIGATOR Monk Strap Loafer: US 8.5D-9C (41.5D-9C)


  • 20th Century, Jobber
    Alligator Monk Strap Loafer
    Euro 660

    This is a remarkably well made Italian Alligator Loafer, and, in spite of my admitted prejudice against the deluge of Blake and Rapid Stitched alligators that come out of Italy today (at laughably high prices), this shoe is perfectly well made and, if further protected with a Topy sole, should last many a year.

    Unbranded but no doubt intended to be sold by one high-end gentleman’s emporium or another, think Neimans or Brooks or Wilkes Bashfords. All in all, this is among the most charming models to come out of Italy and one to be expected to cost a thousand and then some. In short, this superb shoes has my highest personal recommendation.

    Size Details:

    Marked US 9C but takes a US 8.5D shoemaker's last perfectly well. Thus, Continental 41.5D-42C.

    Shoe Condition:

    Tops: like new, leather soft and pliable and flawless. Bottoms: showing first trivial rubbing consistent with having been worn two or three time only, Near new. NEUWERTIG! Sold without trees.

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