Unusual Vintage STETSON 4-Eyelet Derby Brogue: 45D


SOLD to Mr. A. Z., Swiss
  • Stetson
    Vintage 4-Eyelet Derby Brogue
    Circa 1950

    The Stetson Company is well known in the annals off American shoemaking and much admired for their occasional, and often truly inspired, departures from the standard designs. The present shoe is certainly a good example of such an individual conception. Compare the high line of the brogueing to the usual low line “long wing” of a FootJoy or Florsheim brogue. Notice too the short, high 4-eyelet quarters, the effect of which it to give flattering extra length to the front of the shoe. Stylistically it recalls the pointed toe of the 19th century and, at the same time, anticipates the elongated toe affected by today’s most modern designers. All in all, a very handsome and distinctive shoe. As to construction: this was a “premium” shoe from a top American shoemaker of the time. The welt appears to be hand sewn into a channel and the heel hand nailed with additional steel cleat. In short, the workmanship is superior to almost any modern shoe, by which I mean all the famous names (at infamous prices)….you know them as well as I do.

    Postage: US $14…Euro 6,90 innerhalb Deutschlands als versichertes Paket. Elsewhere in Europe, Euro 14,20

    Size Details:

    US 11.5D..... (UK 10.5E)....... (European 45D), for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb! Showing trivial wear to original sole and original heel.

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