*Unknown American Maker, Vintage “Yuma” Style Moccasin-Sewn Loafer: US 9D ( 42D)


  • “Yuma” Style Moccasin-Loafer
    Circa 1970
    Unknown American Maker
    Euro 380 

    This shoe is a contemporary (1970s) copy of  Florsheim’s famous and very desirable, much in demand today, mid-century loafer, the “Yuma”. This example, an exact duplicate of the Florsheim originals, with the same hand-raised apron, the same reinforcement at the weak point of every loafer, where the sides meet the vamp, and indeed, the high, uninterrupted sweep of the vamp, honors the original with precision and accuracy. Imitation, it is said, is the best form of flattery.

    Size Details:

    US 9D.........UK8E.......Continental 42D. for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Although at least 40 years old, these shoes are in superb condition, with replacement soles and heels modestly worn.

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