*SUTOR MANTELASSI for Luigi Borelli, near new Cap-Toe Oxford: 47E (US 13E)


  • Sutor Mantellassi
    Luigi Borelli
    6-Eyelet Hand-Sewn Cap-Toe Oxford
    Euro 380 Euro 440

    This shoe represents among the finest workmanship to come out of Italy today.
    Borelli are tailors and have over the years contracted various Italian shoemakers to produce their branded shoes. Of these the best are produced by Santoni and, here, by Mantellassi. Every care, from the hand-lasting, hand sewn channeled welt, to the final polishing, has been taken in the making of this shoe. I believe we are safe in calling this a hand-made shoe and as fine a ready-made as we are likely to see. Instead of the occasional flamboyant styles that Mantellassi affect for it own label, it has produced in this shoe a classic dress cap-toe Oxford to complement Borelli’s conservative bespoke tailoring. What distinguishes this otherwise traditional shoe is the glove-leather-soft calfskin and the old world hand work that has been devoted to its making. .

    Size Details:

    European 47E......13E US......12F UK.....for the medium to somewhat wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Neuwertig, near new. Soles shoe first scuffing, heels no wear at all. Perhaps worn one or twice only. Sold without trees. Two camera settings provided to show greater detail.

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