*SAPATARIA GARRETT, Lisbon, BESPOKE Full Brogue Oxford:41.5D


SOLD to Mr. G. V., San Diego
  • Sapataria Garrett
    Bespoke Full Wing-Tip Brogue Oxford
    & Custom Fitted Trees
    Euro 650 now Euro 550

    This treasure is the work of another erstwhile bespoke master know only to a small coterie of faithful clients. The shop exists today only as seller of ready-made shoes but, from the present pair, one can see that the hands of a fine traditional craftsman were once at work there. The soles are double needle hand-sew into a closed channel, the kind of old world virtuosity with which few modern shoemakers can compete -or even try to compete! This masterpiece is without compromise in materials or craftsmanship and yet it does not resort to exaggeration or vulgarity to display its credentials, indeed, its beauty lies in the discretion of its brogueing, its extra-fine-toothed pinking (ziz-zag) and the ideal proportions of the last.
    Not only a very handsome shoe, but since the demise of the firm in the 1990s, it can fairly be said to be one of the last remaining examples of this unsung master’s work. In short, it is a wearable antique for the advanced collector.
    While it is difficult to put a value on so fine and so rare an object, we might consider that it is comparable to the Euro 3000 custom-made shoes of Carlos Santos, the best known today among bespoke Portuguese shoemakers.
    Size: Bespoke, therefore unmarked as to size but, by my precise measurements: 41.5D…..8.5D US……7.5E UK, for the medium width foot. Custom-made shoe trees included.
    Condition: Some initial wear at the toe and heel, otherwise bottoms are lightly worn. Tops show no wear at all, only a depth of colour that comes with time.

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