*Rare, Historical, Bespoke Theatrical Oxford, Unknown Master HUNGARY: 43D


SOLD to Herrn A. B., München
  • Rare Important Historical
    “Theatrical” Oxford
    Unknown Hungarian Master
    Unknown Vintage

    This extravagantly styled shoe can hardly be compared to anything else. Little is known about it beyond the fineness of its making. Whether it was truly a special order costume piece or the fantasy presentation piece by an inspired or distracted master shoemaker is for us to divine; the shoe itself betrays no name, nor region (other than it was found in Hungary) nor particular age, except that the half cloth/half leather lining is of another time, as is the definitely antique use of wooden nails to fasten the sole to the body of the shoe. This is a shoe from another era of shoemaking, another “technology”, the rarely-to-be-seen-today ancestor of the great contemporary Central European shoemakers of Munich, Vienna and Budapest. This masterwork harkens to the days and ways of the K.und K. An historically important museum piece destined for the avid collector.

    Size Details:

    (unmarked, thus, by my own measurements): 43D....UK 9E.....US10D, for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New, Neu, Neuf, never worn....perfect. Without trees.


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