*PEAL & CO., Brooks Brothers, Velvet Medallion Evening Slippers: 46D


  • Peal & Co. for Brooks Brothers
    Black Velvet-Velour Evening Slipper
    Gold Fox Head Embroidered
    Euro 100

    These handsome Evening-Slippers were bought at Brooks Brothers in San Francisco, Brooks’ house brand, Peal & Co. With its full-leather heel -ideal for dancing- and its quilted lining for comfort, these are the last word in elegance with your smoking, at home or out on the town, but, of course, can be worn with a wide variety of dress, formal or relaxed, all the way up to black tie and down to jeans. (Great with jeans!)

    Size Details:

    US 12D......UK 11E.....46D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    These are, as can be seen in the photos, a minor disaster, a noble ruin, many small blemishes and wear to the inside heel cap, nevertheless quite serviceable in a shabby chic sort of way.

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