*Original World War II GERMAN TANKER’S Boot, Circa 1934-1945:41.5-42D


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  • 4-Eyelet, 4-Hook, Cap-Toe
    World War II German Tanker’s Boot
    Circa 1934-1945
    Euro 480

    Authentic and original Government Issue Tankers Boot of the late variety, Circa 1945 or earlier -the type began in 1934- cloth lined, rubber heeled (now replaced). These boots were much in demand for civilian use after the war as they more closely resembled pre-war civilian men’s shoes than other military footwear. Unfortunately, due to the relatively short life expectancy of tankers, not a great many of these boots were left after the decisive final battles of the war. Such as do exist in good condition today have disappeared into private collections of war memorabilia. This is an eminently wearable boot with tremendous historical significance. A more complete discussion of the Panzer Uniforms is to be found at:

    Size Details:

    41.5-42D, for the medium width foot. (US 8.5-9D)...(UK 7.5-8E)

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent, minimal wear to the original soles. Heels have been replaced and are in good condition. Tops are in extra fine condition. New antique woven laces of the original type. Sold without trees.

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