*NORDSTROM, San Francisco, Black Monk Strap; 46.5-47D


Reserved for Mr. U. H., Naples
  • Nordstrom
    San Francsico
    Classic Monk Strap
    Euro 380

    For comfort and keeping dry, this finely Italian-made Monk has had a new full rubber sole added and combination heel, both unworn.

    About the model: The Monk Strap shoe, one of the oldest styles, deriving from as early as the Middle Ages, is one of the perhaps dozen most basic gentleman’s shoes and has a prominent palace in every collection. Always sleek, always elegant and almost always appropriate a complement to your dress. Among the most versatile of shoes, the monk is as correct with a tailored suit as with a smart blazer and certainly the last word with jeans or any other casual trousers. This pair is an elegant, comfortable and finely made shoe and originally in the $750 category at San Francisco’s Market Street Nordstrom Center. My old clients know what I mean when I say “my personal recommendation on this shoe”.

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