*NEW, Vintage – U. S. Army P.X., Korea, DAELIM Hand-Made Suede Oxfords: US 8D (41D)


  • Korean DAELIM
    U. S. Army Post Exchange
    Hand-Made Suede Oxfords
    Euro 240

    These shoes are entirely hand-made and first sold in a US Army Post Exchange in Korea. It is difficult to date the shoes precisely; the US Army has had a presence in Korea, in one form or another, since the end of WWII and an important aspect of bringing the “American Way of Life” to the less fortunate of the world, is shopping, what we American do best. Post Exchanges arrive in far away places, soon after the beachheads are established; a little bit of home for our boys. Further to dating this curious footwear; I cannot imagine these shoes to have been made in modern times; Korean industry has progressed far beyond the cottage product shown here and the style, reminiscent of a German Trachtenschuhe, might well have been intended to attract RA types, recently rotated out of Germany. Also both the higher Cuban style heel and the “winkelpicker” pointed toe are suggestive of styles from the 1950s or 60s.  All this is conjecture on my part. Perhaps some old soldier will find this specimen familiar and write to me with more authoritative information. Until then, this sparse provenance shall have to do.

    Size Details:

    US 8D.......UK 7E.......(Continental 41D), for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    This appears to be in original and unworn condition except that a new (unworn) modern full rubber sole and heel have been added.

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