*NEW – Vintage SWEDISH ARMY Issue Winter Combat Boot, circa 1970: 42.5D


  • Swedish Army Issue
    Circa 1970
    United States Army
    Winter Combat Boot
    Euro 480

    This classic pair of post-WWII Combat Boots was made under military contract to the Swedish Government and is stamped with Royal 3-Crown insignia. The extra heavy duty Winter combat boot has heels configured for bindings in use by Ski Troops. The High Profile Tretron soles and heels are intended to survive the most rigourous use. In spite of its age and a few trivial marks, the leather is soft and supple and ready to serve you in field or hill, under trousers for the city, under hiking shorts for the mountain, or under field pants when on journalistic or medical duty in the world’s trouble spots. This is a highly collectible, authentic, military issue example of this historic boot, in extremely rare NEW condition. This zero-maintenance rough-out leather boot eclipses any civilian boot; it is engineered for extreme purposes, made to last where there is no return, no second chance, far from home: a soldiers boot.

    Size Details:

    US 9,5D…..UK 8,5E......Continental 42,5D, for the mid width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New old stock; NEW and unworn.

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