NEW – Vintage NUNN-BUSH Plain Front Derby: 42 WIDE (US 9 Wide)


  • Nunn-Bush
    “Antique” Oxblood Plain Front Derby
    Euro 380

    Over the years, apart from their own production, Cole-Haan has retailed the products of various shoemakers, some better, some worse. Very few shoes of their own excellent earlier American production remain on the market, certainly almost none in new condition of this pair. This classic boasts an rich “antique” finish which, frankly, resembles shell cordovan and can be expected to develop a lovely patina after successive polishings.  Be sure to polish these when you first receive them; they are as they were upon leaving the workshop almost half a century ago, never polished.

    Size Details:

    UK 8WIDE......US 9EEEE.....Continental 42EEE,... for the truly wide foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn.

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