*NEW – Vintage HANOVER (U.S.A.) All-Weather Blucher (Derby), Circa 1980: 42.5 WIDE (US 9.5 WIDE)


  • Plain Front All-Weather Derby
    by the eminent American Shoemaker
    Special Order Extra Wide Fitting
    Circa 1980
    Euro 460

    Out of the over 200 American Shoemakers clustered around New England at the start of the 20 Century, only a handful remain, among them Bostonian, Cole-Haan, J &M and, here in Europe, the better known Alden and Allen-Edmonds. The great Florsheim and Bostonian exist today as marketing firms, the bulk of their wares being produced off-shore. Lamentable. Hanover too is reduced to producing inexpensive machine made products, a far cry from the excellent hand-finished shoes for which they were once known and of which the present shoe is a prime example.
    Hanover, like Florsheim, Cordwainer, Nunn-Bush and others, produced more than one price and quality level of product, in some cases even taking orders for custom shoes, extremely desirable rarities today. This pair, a Special Order Extra Wide fitting, although marked for size, appears to be on that custom level, Goodyear welted (of course) and with additional of an All-Weather one piece Sole & Heel. This is a marvelous classic model in an extremely seldom seen width, in the old tradition of workmanship, a handsome and extremely durable shoe, equal to the great Florsheim Imperials and superior, in my view, to the contemporary Alden or Allen Edmonds cordovans of today.
    Size: American 9.5EEE…….English 8.5H…….. European 42,5EEEE, for the truly wide foot.  Using a high quality insert (that I will provide, gratis) the width can be adjust to fit your need…to an EE, or E width. 

    Size Details:

    Size: American 9.5EEE.......English 8.5H........ European 42,5EEE, for the truly wide foot. Using a high quality insert (that I will provide, gratis) the width can be adjust to fit your need...to an EE, or E width.

    Shoe Condition:

    Condition: New and unworn. Sold without trees.

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