*NEW-Vintage FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Full Brogue Spectator, Circa 1985: US 10.5D (44D)


  • Florsheim Imperial
    Full Brogue Derby budapester
    Brown Smooth Calf over White Scotch Grain
    The finest and most durable shoe ever made in America.
    Euro 1420

    I cannot say if this is one-of-a-kind but it is the only one in two-tones and two-leathers that I have ever seen in new condition, in my not inconsiderable association with is brand. This is an original factory treatment -no doubt a special order- using smooth calf over Scotch Grain calf,. The result is a handsome, eye-catching Spectator, suitable for the most advanced Florsheim collection, indeed vital to complete such a Florsheim Imperial collection. For the collector who recognizes such a shoe for its rarity and beauty, there is no need to call attention to Florsheim’s build quality; the 5-rivit, double soled, armored heeled, 360 degree storm welted Full Brogue Derby is as well known to him as to me. |

    Postage: Innerhalb Deutschlands Euro 6,20; France Euro 16,20; Japan and the Far East Euro 28,10…US$18.

    Size Details:

    Size: 10.5 D US.......9.5E UK.......44D Continental 41,5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New, never worn.

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