+NEW-Vintage CHIPPEWA, 17 Inch, Snake-Loggers-Foresters Boot: 44.5-45D (US 11-11.5D)


  • Vintage
    17 Inch, Snake-Loggers-Foresters Boot
    Euro 1220

    Certainly one of the most spectacular offerings from this classic American firm…or any other! With non-marking, oil resistant Vibram soles and heels, this boot is incredibly robust, and, with its top to bottom gusset and 17 inch high shaft, both water resistant and more protective in tall grass or back woods than any other boot of which I am aware. And it does all this without compromising appearance; a supremely handsome boot and not one you will soon see anyone else wearing. For reasons best known to Chippewa, production of this boot was ended in the 1990s. I suspect it was the cost of manufacture and the eventual retail price, about double their usual prices. In short, this is the only one of its kind I have seen anywhere, in the last decade. Thus, a great find the rider, the woodsman or, simply, the collector.

    Size Details:

    US 11-11.5D.....UK 10-10.5E......Continental 44.5-45D correct for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New never worn...never even polished. As with any new shoes, be sure to polish them before wearing outside, as much to seal them agains dust and dirt as from wet. The first polishing is the most important. Remind me to send you a jar of the best correct polish.

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