*NEW – Pre-War MARKELL SHELL CORDOVAN Engineer’s Boot, Cir.1920:42.5 Adjustable.


  • Rare, Vintage, Pre-War, Circa 1920
    Shell Cordovan, 10-Eyelet, Engineer’s Boot
    MARKEL, U.S.
    Euro 840

    This exceptionally sturdy boot by the pre-war American Jobber, Markel, is a stylistic throw-back to the 19th Century boots worn by Civil Engineers, Canal and Railroad workers. It can be said that the “Winning of the West”, the building of the great trans-continental railroad, took place largely in such boots.

    Interestingly, the use of horsehide, Shell Cordovan, was more common at the turn of the century, with many more small tanneries turning out hides for shoe leather and many other uses. The ubiquity of draft horses in the west and even in the streets of big cities provided a reliable supply of hides and it was the durability and ease of maintenance of horsehide, even more than its characteristic luster that we prize today, that made it the leather of choice for rough environments. Witness that this boot has never been polished in almost a century and remains perfectly supple, preserved by the oils in the original tanning. Do give it a good polishing, however, before wearing it outside, as you would with any new shoe.

    A boot like this is not only protective, attractive and suitable for any and every season, a rugged boot to depend upon in rough weather or terrain, but it trails clouds of American Western history with it.

    Size Details:

    Continental 42.5D (UK 8.5E....US 9.5D).The nominal width is "D", but this boot has the further advantage of lacing low on the instep, making it unusually adjustable for width. It should accommodate any foot, wide or narrow; simply lace it to fit your foot and the thickness of sock you happen to be wearing.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn; leather, tops and bottoms, perfect and supple, a small miracle for a shoe this vintage.

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