*NEW – Pre-War, FRENCH SHRINER URNER Oxford, Circa 1940: 43-43,5D


SOLD to Italian Collector
  • French Shriner
    “Custom Grade”
    6-Eyelet, Medium Brown, Scotch Grain Calf Full Brogue Oxford
    Circa 1940

    Little more needs to be said of this excellent shoe than that it one of the dozen basics in the gentleman’s wardrobe, useful for daytime or business or informal evening dress. Please notice that this is a hand-sewn (sole) example from French Shriner’s top range, their “Custom Grade” collection of the immediately pre-war period, the heyday of this great traditional American house. This level of shoe was special ordered -colour, leather type and model- a “semi-custom” shoe, and extraodinarilly well made. It will be the center piece in your collection.

    Quality: This shoe should not be compared to the current off-shore production marketed under the French Shriner name. These are vintage American-made, hand-welted shoes comparable to the great Florsheim’s, Nettleton’s or Hanover brogues of the period, superior to any and all postwar production.

    Size Details:

    US 10 D.....UK 9 E......43-43,5D Continental, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and never worn, showing slight scuffing of the soles from shelf wear. Sold without trees.

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