*NEW – PAUL STUART Wholecut GHILLIE: 41,5-42D (US 8.5-9D)


  • Paul Stuart
    New York City
    “Wholecut Ghillie”
    Made in England
    Euro 460

    This is an unusual and supremely elegant Ghillie made for Paul Stuart, as durable a shoe as it is a handsome one and a wise choice for the sporting gentleman.

    It should be mentioned that Paul Stuart is one of the great traditional men’s shops in New York today, located on Madison Avenue mid-town in the heart of the advertising district and showing the most rarified of Italian tailoring and English footwear and accessories for gentlemen.

    Whether this be a Grenson or Edward Green product (the two usual suppliers of Paul Stuart labeled shoes) I cannot be certain, but all evidence is for the latter. Absolutely certain is that this inspired and unusual creation is of the highest grade of shoemaking, a “wholecut”, one of the models most demanding of the shoemaker, and a “closed channel” shoe (the sewing of the sole to the welt is hidden in a “skived” channel). This can only be accomplished by hand and it is a good indication of painstaking craftsmanship overall, also the best evidence of top level shoemaking – all custom-made shoes are closed channel sewn as are the best ready-mades, Lobbs and Greens, for instance.

    Scottish and Irish Ghillies, derived from simple ancestral footwear, have evolved into shoes of more modern construction, often worn with traditional costume for ceremonial wear and for Highland country dancing. Originally ghillies were made of soft leathers and easily distinguished from other shoes by the use of loops in the leather in place of eyelets, with laces criss-crossing across the vamp. Ghillie Brogues, another variation, generally have no tongue. In modern parlance, the term ghillie has come to encompass any shoe laced through loops projecting over the tongue or top of the foot, as in the case of the present example. With its elongated line and discreet, if individual, brogueing (Pic. #8), this elegant hand-tinted quotation is a fanciful and stylish departure from the original rough footwear of the Scottish Highlands.

    Size Details:

    Marked UK 8D...…(US 8,5-9D)......(Continental 41,5-42D, for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn, in original carton.

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