*NEW (Modern, Offshore) FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Full Brogue Budapester: 46 WIDE. (US 12 Wide)


  • Florsheim Imperial
    Full Brogue Derby Budapester
    Euro 480

    This is a modern off-shore product marketed by the firm that now owns the Forsheim name, a shoe not to be confused with the great old Florsheim of the 1980’s and earlier. Nevertheless it is a surprisingly well made shoe using a fine quality leather easily confused with black shell cordovan. This is proof positive that not only Europe and America are capable of producing a quality product. Notice the 360 degree Goodyear welt sewn into a channeled sole and the additional split-reverse welt (storm welt), as in the 1980s originals. Overall it appears to be nicely finished, a robust shoe that certainly competes favourably for build quality with any other modern Brogue, all of which are considerably more expensive, some reaching Euro 1000 and above.

    Size Details:

    US 12EEE.......UK 11 WIDE........Continetal 46 WIDE, for the WIDE foot. If you have been resorting to oversized shoes to get the width you need, here is the correct solution, a shoe that fits properly in both length and width.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unused, in original Florsheim carton, with Florsheim Flannel Travel Bags. Sold without trees.

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