+NEW – Modern FLORSHEIM All-Weather Suede Monk Strap: 41.5D (US 8.5D)


  • Florsheim Imperial
    (US Made)
    All-Weather, Rubber Soled, Suede
    Medallion, Cap-Toe, Monk Strap

    Euro 380

    This shoe in one of the better modern products offered by this venerable firm, US made ro a creditable standard. The model is the classic Cap-Toe Monk with the nice embellishment of a medallion cap toe. The rubber sole will get you through any kind of weather but is a plus in the fairest weather if you are a true walker or on your feet many hours a day. The fine quality of suede requires no more than letting dry and brushing off to start the next outing. Overall, a pleasing appearance combined with utmost practicality.  Recommended.

    I have had so much to say in these pages about the degradation of so many erstwhile great American shoemakers as, one by one, they were overcome by off-shore competition, it is only fair to give credit when it is occasionally due. I am happy to find at this late date something of quality, as is this shoe, produced in the US under the Florsheim name.

    Size Details:

    US 8.5D.....UK 7.5 E....Continental 41.5, for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn.

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